Thursday, August 5, 2010

Original hip-hop music from five continents, with emcees representing Argentina, Belgium, Brasil, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Mauritania, Palestine, Philippines, U.S., Taiwan, and Turkey.

DJ Plain View Presents: Globalize
Hip Hop From Around the World

Washington, DC–based producer DJ Plain View has released a full-length LP featuring emcees from 12 countries around the world, rhyming in 10 different languages: Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Taiwanese, Turkish and Wolof. The resulting compilation offers a snapshot of evolving hip-hop lyricism across the world for the early 21st century, showcasing the breadth and diversity of vocal flows, and shining a spotlight on some of the freshest hip-hop talent at work around the globe today.

1) Radio Free Babylon (Intro)
2) Get Nice - Blackout (Tel Aviv, Israel) & Waraba (Nouakchott, Mauritania)
3) Favela e Quilombo - Weelf (Rio de Janiero, Brasil)
4) Hada al Walad - Azzouz (Maadi, Egypt)
5) Tsunami - Bamrainsidaz (Tokyo, Japan)
6) Paka Paka - Arapiat (Akko, Palestine)
7) Radio Free Congo (Interlude)
8) Deep Into It - Nomi (San Francisco/Philippines)
9) Todo Mi Pais - Say (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
10) Contagious - Ragtop (Los Angeles/Palestine)
11) Hey Kid - Chang Jui-chuan (Taipei, Taiwan)
12) Take Over - Kalonji (Brussels, Belgium)
13) Kasti Mi - Tek Bati (Ankara, Turkey)
14) Departure - Fixsir (Tokyo, Japan)
15) Marginalidade - Weelf (Rio de Janiero, Brasil)
16) Represent - Waraba (Nouakchott, Mauritania)
17) Afterhours (Outro)

Music: DJ Plain View

Turntables: DJ Deetalx
Flute: Matthew Fallon
Guitar: Graham Norwood
Vocals: Satchiko Brown

Album cover design: Ellesse Sorbonne
Mastered by L-ROX for Redsecta (Los Angeles, California)

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DJ Plain View - DJ Plain View Presents: Globalize

Choice Cuts:
DJ Plain View - Funk for the Soul

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1) From The Love Side - Hank Ballard
2) Now Or Never - Platinum Pied Pipers with Tiombe Lockhart
3) The Best Thing You Ever Had - Candi Staton
4) Inner City Blues - Marvin Gaye
5) God Made Me Funky - The Headhunters
6) You Haven't Done Nothing - Stevie Wonder
7) Funky President - James Brown
8) No More Okae Doke - The Meters
9) We're A Winner - The Impressions
10) Superstition - Stevie Wonder
11) Hydra - Grover Washington Jr.
12) Doin' It - Herbie Hancock
13) Crumbs Off The Table - Breakestra
14) Back To Love - Brand New Heavies
15) Save Me - Aretha Franklin
16) The Supremes - You Just Keep Me Hanging On
17) I Can't Do My Thing - Barbara Acklin
18) You Got The Papers, I Got The Man - Ann Peebles
19) Superfly - Curtis Mayfield
20) Hang Up Your Hang-Ups - Herbie Hancock